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Instructional Technology Q & A

Question: How does my child get to google classroom from home?
Answer: There are several ways to get there. Parents are encouraged to use google chrome for their browser. Students can go to and log‐in using the format “first initial, last” They have been given an 8 digit password as well. If you need help with this, contact Gary Cimorelli. Students can then go to They should then see all the classes they have joined (ex. Social Studies, Foreign Language, etc.) If they go to first, they will need to log‐in using their North Colonie gmail and password.

Question: How does my child “turn‐in” work in the google classroom?
Answer: Students need to “open” the assignment in their stream of assignments first. This will then offer the option to “turn‐in” the work. If students create their own work, they can “add” it to the assignment from their google drive and then turn it in.

Question: If my student does not have internet access at home, what are some ways to get online?
Answer: Many of the school libraries are open after school and have computers that students may use. Students may also utilize computer labs and the libraries during the school day to complete work. The William K. Sanford Town Library also has computers that may be used. Lastly, many area businesses offer free WiFi.

Question: What device should my student have for school?
Answer: North Colonie does support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). In most situations, an internet‐capable device is sufficient. Examples include iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, iPad, and Chromebooks. Any device that can connect to the district’s WiFi, will allow students to access many of the apps and websites utilized by classroom teachers. However, if a student does not have an internet‐capable device, many classrooms have devices that students may borrow in class.

Question: Is there an advantage to using Google Drive, instead of using the District’s servers or an external hard drive?
Answer: Yes. By saving work to Google Drive, that work is accessible on any device, on any platform, anywhere. Also, by using Google Drive, the student also has the ability to share the work with students and teachers within the NCCS Google Domain.

Question: I am trying to access my child’s Google Classroom. How do I do that?
Answer: Unfortunately, Google Classroom is only accessible by members of the NCCS Google Domain. However, if you would like to see your student’s Google Classroom, you are encouraged to ask your child to sign in and show you the Google Classroom stream.

Question: Why aren’t all of my child’s teachers using Google Classroom? Aren’t they required to do so?
Answer: The NCCS teachers are encouraged, but not required to use Google Classroom. North Colonie allows teachers the freedom to choose instructional practices that suit the teacher. However, training is offered to teachers who are considering trying Google Classroom.