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Increased enrollment and future building plans

| December 3, 2015

During July and August of 2015, the district experienced a sharp increase in enrollment, currently attributed to rapid construction in the north end of town. This expansion has resulted in elementary grade levels reaching max capacity in some buildings. The district’s enrollment report as of September 25, 2015 reflects an addition of 105 students since June 19. Of the 105 students, 75 are in the elementary grades and are mostly centered in the north end of the district. In addition, an analysis by the Capital District Regional Planning Commission forecasts an additional 487 students arriving between 2015 and 2018, taking into account predictions of planned housing developments in the area.

Along with increased enrollment has come increased English as New Language (ENL) needs and special education needs, resulting in additional staffing for ENL and special education. Currently, district administrators are working with an architect and the NYS Education Department to consider building an addition on the current Forts Ferry Elementary school as a means to accommodate more students.

Click here for a detailed presentation given by district administrators to the Forts Ferry faculty, staff, and PTA.

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