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Functional Fitness Program part of proposed budget

| May 9, 2018

The proposed budget includes a plan to re-purpose existing physical education space at Shaker High School and create a 21st Century Performance and Fitness Educational Center. If approved, the work would begin this summer and have an immediate impact on physical education instruction this fall.

“One of the biggest challenges is finding the appropriate space to accommodate the programs that we currently offer,” said Matthew Stein, Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Health. “The space we currently have needs to be redesigned for efficiency.”

Stein says teachers are currently using hallway space for gym classes, and the current fitness center is not setup for all students to reach their personal fitness goals. The re-designed space would dedicate areas for adaptive physical education, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise, and allow males and females to be integrated in a better, more comfortable way.

Some of the details of the proposal include:

  • Fitness Center relocation to F gym to accommodate new Performance Fitness P.E. programming and reduce overcrowding in current fitness center
  • A multipurpose studio that would offer space for physical education classes (lifetime sports/activities, yoga, pilates and dance), wrestling, small group training/conditioning, and staff/community wellness activities
  • An expanded P.E. conference room for large P.E. class instruction, team
    meetings, and professional development opportunities
  • A cardiovascular exercise room
  • An adaptive physical education classroom

The cost for re-purposing the current physical education space within Shaker High School would be $329,200.

“The way our current program has evolved provides us with a great opportunity to re-shape our physical education offerings into a true lifetime fitness program,” said Stein. “If we re-purpose the space now, we won’t have to build later. Right now, we have a cross pollination of physical education activities trying to happen in a very small space, and it’s just not conducive to effective instruction for our students and program.

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