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Full-day kindergarten officially implemented in the district

| September 11, 2015
Boght Hills kindergarten students listen to a story being read.

Boght Hills kindergarten students listen to a story being read.

Click here for a gallery of photographs from the first day.

When a North Colonie student was asked, “Are you ready for kindergarten?”, his answer was, “I’m ready for college!” That enthusiasm was echoed throughout the district on Friday, Sept. 11, which marked the first day a full-day academic program was officially implemented in all North Colonie elementary classrooms. Since the district was centralized in 1950, it has always had a half-day program. This year’s 360 kindergarten students will be the first to attend school for the full day.

“This is a very significant day in the history of the district,” said Superintendent Joseph Corr. “The implementation of full-day kindergarten will have a profound, positive benefit on the education of all students in North Colonie. I want to thank our faculty, staff and families for their hard work and support throughout this implementation process.”

North Colonie’s full-day kindergarten program doubles instruction hours from three to six, with increased opportunities in the arts and physical education. In addition, teachers hope to see significant growth in reading, writing and math. Through the transition, one goal is to ensure children remain children, balancing academic growth with social and emotional learning.

“By investing in full-day kindergarten, you are investing in a students’ entire education,” said Corr.

The program was included in the 2015-16 budget vote, which passed by a margin of 80 percent.



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