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French 1R students earn top scores on National French Exam

| June 27, 2018

Congratulations to 46 Shaker Junior High French IR students in Madame Blau and Madame Tucci’s classes, who took the National French Exam and earned either medals or honorable mention certificates. The Grand Concours is developed annually by the American Association of Teachers of French. Over 18,000 students take the exam in Level 1 nationwide each year, which includes multiple-choice questions covering listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar in context, and reading comprehension. Those whose scores represent the top scores nationally are considered Lauréats Nationaux and receive a certificate and a prestigious national Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze award. 


  • Arietta Hallock
  • Crystal Castracane
  • Kamil Elmrabet
  • Aditri Gupta
  • Komali Kollapudi
  • Juana Merino-Lopez
  • Dylann Palmer
  • Rachel Peregrim
  • Gaby Reagan
  • Victoria Swider
  • Andrew Alexander
  • Angie Alvarado-Reyes
  • Mia Greco
  • Nolan Horn
  • Jake Joslin
  • Jaaziel Olayinka
  • Keara Papa
  • Liam Tamayo
  • Isabelle Tedesco
  • Schuyler Wang
  • Ali Benkhalifa
  • Tannor Carr
  • Jessa Engelmann
  • Jason Giambertone
  • Dean Hood
  • Grace Keniry
  • Teige Kimbler
  • Bella MacNiven
  • Shreya Mahesh
  • Elliott Martin
  • Chris McGarvey
  • Rajani Nimma
  • Tahirah Osman
  • Olivia Papa
  • Abi Powell
  • Walker Robinson
  • Emily Satterday
  • Nicholas Segarra
  • Logan Shaw
  • Peyton Strand
  • Sebastien Symula
  • Naasiah Syud
  • Dominic Velikov
  • Vicky Lin
  • Cierra Walker
  • Sadie Weiss


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