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Forts Ferry Third-Grader lends a friendly hand to English Language Learners

| December 8, 2017
Student poses in front of desks

Malory Thomas: the North Colonie Kids Care December feature.

Meet third grade Forts Ferry Elementary student, Malory Thomas; “North Colonie Kids Care” December 2017 feature.

To some, Malory may seem like any other student, but to those at Forts Ferry, her quiet and kind demeanor stands out.

According to Lisa Hunter, an English Language Learner teacher at Forts Ferry, Malory has an amazing gift for helping the non-English speaking students in the school. 

“Malory rides the same bus as a kindergarten student who is new to English,” said Hunter. “Since the student has never been to school before, understanding where to go at the beginning and end of the day are major challenges for him.”

Malory was once asked to keep a watchful eye on over him, and she took the responsibility to a whole new level. Now, she greets the student and offers a friendly smile whenever she sees him.  She also enjoys sitting with him on the bus.

“He used to sit alone,” said Malory. “I thought it would be fun to sit with him and I wanted him to have a friend.”

Hunter says the kindergartener has started saying phrases, singing songs, and playing new games that Malory has taught him. But this is not the first time Malory has befriended an English Language Learner.

When Malory was in first grade, she formed a bond with a student from China who could not speak English either. The student has since returned to China, but was grateful that she had found a friend in Malory during her time at Forts Ferry.

“I enjoy teaching them things,” said Malory. “Teaching them to play games is the best because its a fun way to learn.”

When asked about how Malory interacts with the rest of the students in her class, her Third Grade Teacher Bridget Drescher says Malory is always willing to help.

“Malory is kind and thoughtful,” she said. “She looks out for all of her peers and puts others feelings first.”

“She is a true role model who never stops smiling,” said Drescher.

Malory will be recognized for her efforts during the Dec. 18 Board of Education meeting.

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