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Forts Ferry sixth graders give back; enrich younger students’ education

| February 26, 2018

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Meet sixth grade Forts Ferry Elementary students, Saboor Amjad and Adrianna Booth; “North Colonie Kids Care” February 2018 feature.

To most students, study hall is the perfect time to get caught up on homework or get extra help, but for Forts Ferry sixth grade students Saboor Amjad and Adrianna Booth study hall is their time to give back.

Every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Saboor and Adrianna volunteer their study hall block to assist FF LRA Teacher Brittany Phillips with her special education kindergarten students and help the students foster communications skills, social skills and provide enrichment opportunities.

“I can always do my homework at home,” said Saboor. “But I can’t help the kids from home.”

Phillips, who nominated the students, says that their commitment to helping goes even further than that. When Saboor and Adrianna’s schedules don’t match that of the kindergartners, they will even volunteer their recess time.

Most of the time the sixth graders will help the kindergartners with math and writing exercises but you will also find them helping the kindergartners walk through the hallways by waiting for other students to pass them, using inside voices and taking turns walking first.

“I enjoy helping them learn,” said Adrianna. “They are getting the work done but having fun at the same time.”

Phillips believes that Saboor and Adrianna have an amazing gift for understanding the needs of others which allows them to meet the academic and behavioral needs of the kindergartners.

“Their enthusiasm for learning and desire to work with the younger students is heartwarming,” said Phillips.

The sixth graders will be recognized for her efforts during the Feb. 26 Board of Education meeting.

Congratulations to Saboor Amjad and Adrianna Booth for being North Colonie Kids Care recipients!

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