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Five trees on Bison Boulevard to be taken down Oct. 14

| October 11, 2019

Dear North Colonie families,

Earlier this year, it was observed that some of the existing Green Ash trees along the entrance to Shaker High School have quickly declined in health. Upon a closer look, the ash trees have been impacted by the emerald ash borer (EAB), an invasive beetle that infects and kills North American ash species. Unfortunately, all of New York’s ash trees are susceptible to EAB and there is no guaranteed treatment option to preserve or stabilize trees that are in severe decline.

Due to the severity at which the trees have declined over the past year or so, we received a recommendation from our consultant that the trees be removed and replaced with new trees of varying species tolerant of potential invasive species. As a result of this recommendation, on October 14, five green ash trees on the right hand side of Bison Boulevard will be removed. The remaining trees will be removed in 2020.

Trees on Bison Boulevard will be replanted in 2020 with species tolerant of diseases and pests. We want to do everything we can to maintain a safe entrance and exit to campus. Thank you for your understanding.


D. Joseph Corr
Superintendent of Schools

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