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February Students of the Month

| February 22, 2017
Student First Student Last Course Teacher Grade
Andrew Bae Orchestra Mr. Austin 9
Cole Brownell Global History 9R Mr. Massie 9
Anthony Commisso Global History & Geography Mr. Jackson 9
Julia Cooney Organization and Management Ms. Squadere 11
Aidan Fecko Spanish 3R Mrs. Mattice 10
Samantha Hardwick 9th Grade Physical Education Coach Bernard 9
Azka Hasan Algebra 1 Mrs. Reeves 10
Rudolph Henzel Technical Occupational Labs Ms. Slingerland 12
Dennis Howard Health Ms. Rauche 10
Manya Kester English 11R Mr. Kerins 11
Mary Lorini English 10H Mr. Rispole 10
Meghan Mallory Common Core Algebra 2B Mrs. Popkoski 10
Isabella Marchese Net Sports and Fitness Coach Bernard 12
Jihu Mun Orchestra Mr. Austin 12
Darnell Nesbit Spanish 1R Mrs. Guilz 9
Zaidalyn Schiappa Global History 9 Ms. Stupp 9
Matthew Sullivan German 2R Mrs. Connor 9
Lucia Sun Independence Across the Lifespan Ms. McCarthy 12
Madison VanDenburg Sports and Entertainment Marketing Ms. Squadere 9
Hibah Vora Careers in Human Services Ms. McCarthy 10
Alexis Weary US History 11R Mr. Fountain 11
Gigi Zhao Design & Drawing for Engineering Ms. Slingerland 9

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