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Family Book Night

| April 22, 2016
Students at Southgate family book

Students at Southgate’s Family Book Night.

On March 30, the Southgate Library was filled with third graders and their families who came together for research, writing and art activities related to the book “Creature Features” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page.

Southgate family book nightLeading up to the evening, third graders borrowed copies of the book from the library and read the book together with their families. The book features 25 animals and questions and answers related to the creatures’ unusual characteristics. A highlight of the book is the artwork: 25 animals colorfully illustrated in torn and cut paper collages.

Southgate family book nightAfter starting with a pizza dinner and conversation the students went to work, choosing an animal question prepared by the teachers and showing their parents how they use online databases, such as World Book Student and PebbleGo, nonfiction books, and animal encyclopedias to find answers to the animal questions. They prepared a page with the animal question, answer, and their own illustration of the animal. The beautiful pages will be made into a book for all to enjoy.

This is Southgate’s fourth Family Book Night, which began in 2014. Earlier this year fifth graders and their families participated in a book night held in the fall.

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