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Drug Abuse Assembly

| November 17, 2016

Representatives from the Albany County Stop-DWI Program spoke to students at Shaker High School Tuesday, Nov. 15 during an assembly about gateway drugs. First Sergeant Mance spoke to the students about how even moderate use of alcohol and/or marijuana can lead to life altering consequences. A youth speaker, who is currently in an intensive residential program, shared his story with the students about how marijuana use lead him to where he is today.

The goal of the program was for the students to walk away with the understanding that simple alcohol and marijuana use can lead to a dangerous life style. We also wanted students to understand that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, no matter the level of impairment, is not only dangerous but also illegal.

We encourage our parents to continue this talk at home with their children. If you need guidance or direction on how to approach this topic, please visit the Kitchen Table Toolkit website. The Kitchen Table Toolkit was developed to assist parents, teachers, counselors and the community with guidance on how to initiate conversations about heroin and opioid abuse. The information in the toolkit may also be applicable for alcohol and other drugs. Click here for an information sheet that could be helpful as well.

If you have any questions, or if you need further guidance, please call the school at 785-5511 to speak to an administrator or counselor. You can also reach out to the Stop-DWI Program by calling 518-720-8100.

Richard W. Murphy

Brian Spofford
Taft Hall Principal

Crystal Fox
LaFollette Hall Principal

Lauren Sheeler
Taft Hall Dean

Garrett Couture
LaFollette Hall Dean

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