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January students of the month

| January 21, 2016
Student First Student Last Course Teacher Counselor Grade
Zachary Andrews Symphonic Band Mr. Suzuki & Mr. Lorini Mrs. Russell 12
Emily Arnold Metal Process Mr. Bottini Mrs. Russell 11
Mikael Brown US History and Government Mr. Fountain Mrs. Russell 11
Drew Califano Math 10R Geometry Mrs. Popkoski Mrs. Russell 10
Connor Caulfield College Accounting and CEIP Mr. Heim Ms. Larkin 12
Meghan Conboy Introduction to Early Childhood Mrs. DeSorbo Ms. Larkin 12
CJ Cummings Global History 9 Mr. Massie Ms. Larkin 9
Victoria Dafniotis Spanish 5 Dr. Gomez Ms. Larkin 12
Aleksandra Lajeunesse Stained Glass Mrs. Smith Ms. Birnbach 11
Heidi Landry Physical Education-Lifeguarding Mrs. Gansle Ms. Birnbach 10
Alyssa LaPietra Creative Writing Mrs. Dils Ms. Birnbach 10
Mary Lorini Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band Mr. Suzuki & Mr. Lorini Ms. Birnbach 9
Huiwen Miao AP Computer Science Ms. Avellino Ms. Galarneau 11
Robert Mysliwied Global History & Government Mr. Jackson Ms. Galarneau 9
Kaitlin Nadeau Physical Education Mrs. Gansle Ms. Galarneau 11
Saliha Nazir Studio Art Mrs. Smith Ms. Galarneau 9
Madeline Okula Health Ms. Rauche Ms. Galarneau 10
Kayleigh Papa Math and Finance Mr. Heim Ms. Galarneau 10
Joseph Pierson English 9B Ms. Testo Mrs. Anderson 9
Janina Rudzinski Earth Science Mrs. Grooten Mrs. Anderson 10
Janina Rudzinski Global History 10 Mr. Jackson Mrs. Anderson 10
Matthew Simkulet AP World History 10 Mr. Weaver Mrs. Anderson 10
Vince Slaybaugh College Algebra with Trig Ms. Avellino Ms. Hayes 12
Elijah Sleasman Metal Process Mr. Bottini Mrs. Anderson 9
Nuha Vora Participation in Government H Mr. Dolan Ms. Hayes 12
Isabel Witzenburg Integrated Algebra 1A Ms. Battaglia Ms. Hayes 9
Julianna Wolf Introduction to Early Childhood Mrs. DeSorbo Ms. Hayes 10

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