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Dec. 15 capital project vote details

| October 17, 2016

On Oct. 13, the district held a town hall meeting to present its work thus far on the grades K-12 building project that will go before voters on Dec. 15. The architectural layout of schools and the traffic impact were discussed, as well as a current estimated cost and tax impact. Below is a summary of what was presented; please note, the summary is still tentative and subject to Board of Education approval on Oct. 24, during its regular monthly meeting at 7:15 p.m. Click here for the full presentation, which includes draft layouts of each of the school buildings.

Referendum (vote) #1: December 15, 2016

  • $196.4 million
  • This vote approves two phases of work
Phase 1: (2018-2020)

Shaker Middle School conversion in total:

  • New, enhanced security at the front entrance and throughout the building
  • Expanded parking and construction of dedicated bus and parent drop-off loops
  • Movement of student services and support to the front of the building (guidance, health)
  • A renovated and expanded cafeteria to accommodate growing enrollment
  • Renovation of the existing auditorium
  • Creation of additional technology, music and art classrooms
  • Construction of a new, fifth hall; all five halls will consist of grades 6-8
  • Construction of new science classrooms and labs for grades 6-8
  • Creation of learning commons spaces to allow for collaborative project work and learning
  • Creation of a library media center with maker spaces, collaboration areas and improved use of technology

Elementary schools:

  • New, enhanced security at the front entrances and throughout the buildings
  • Expanded media centers with attached idea labs
  • Innovation centers for grades 4 & 5
  • New classrooms at Boght Hills to allow for an additional section for each grade level, thus reducing class size districtwide
  • Additional music rehearsal, special education, and instructional support space depending on needs of buildings 

Shaker High School:

  • New, secure main entry, moved to the front of the building with administrative and support services
  • Expanded auditorium to accommodate 1,200-1,300 people, with balcony seating (auditorium currently seats 700)
  • Renovation and expansion of music and art spaces
  • J wing classroom additions to accommodate future growth in enrollment
  • Creation of an expanded drop-off zone to reduce traffic back-up coming into the middle school/high school campus
  • Widened entry drive with added lane that leads to student parking at SHS
  • Expanded parking in front of the high school
  • Controlled flow-through access between SHS and middle school to alleviate traffic congestion
  • Addition of synthetic surfaces for Walker Field and Lower Maloy Field
    • Multi-use fields will allow for games and practices for football, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, field hockey, and physical education classes
  • Walker Field improvements: bleachers, concession stand, and bathroom facilities
  • Lighting of Lower Maloy Field
  • Reconstruction of varsity baseball and varsity softball fields


  • Expansion of parking for staff and buses
Phase 2: (2020-2022)

Shaker High School:

  • Completion of STEM and Humanities Halls with integration of lab and instruction spaces
  • Expanded and renovated Career and Technical Education (CTE) spaces
  • Each 9/10 and 11/12 hallway will have a learning commons created (destruction and re-build of current B wings)
  • Construction of adaptive physical education space and team rooms
  • Construction of a fitness center

Referendum (vote) #2: September 2021 (estimated)

  • Cost to be determined at that time
  • Work to be completed in 2023-2026
  • Additional Shaker High School work
    • Renovation and construction of cafeterias, Media Center and additional CTE spaces
    • Expansion and renovation of the teacher collaboration area
  • Goodrich renovation to accommodate Pre-K
  • Full transportation building renovations
  • Remaining middle school/high school athletic fields work and site work
  • Remaining elementary work
    • Learning commons in the K/1 and 2/3 communities

Tax Impact

The initial tax rate increase would not take effect until the debt payments begin in 2020 at the earliest. Since there will most likely be three bond issues, the tax rate impact will be phased in over time.

The tax rate is currently estimated to increase:

  • 2.5 percent in 2020
  • An additional 1.5 percent in 2021
  • An additional 2.0 percent in 2022

A one percent tax rate increase is 25 cents per thousand of assessed value. Therefore, a total six percent increase would be $1.50 per thousand of assessed value. On a median assessed value home in North Colonie, the total impact would be $255 annually until the bond is retired, or approximately $21 a month.


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