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COVID-19 Nursing Assessment Protocol

Information is subject change based on new updated guidelines from the Department of Health and the CDC.

At School Screening Protocol for COVID-19

  • If the self-attestation and temperature check was not completed by the parent/student prior to arrival at
    school, each student will be screened prior to entering the classroom. Students will be directed to a
    designated area for a temperature check with a touchless thermometer and a well-being inquiry by a
    trained staff member.
  • If the student screens positive on the temperature check (100.0 F or higher) and/or there are concerns
    with the well-being inquiry, the student will be quarantined in the isolation room for further assessment
    by the School Nurse and sent home.
  • Any individual who screened positive on the attestation will be sent home.
  • During the school day, students who show symptoms related to COVID-19 will be assessed by the School
    Nurse and moved into the isolation room for further evaluation.
  • Students exhibiting symptoms may be given additional PPE to prevent possible exposure to others
  • Any adult who is in direct contact with a student in the isolation room must don appropriate PPE, including
    mask, gown, gloves and face shield. PPE will be changed with each assessment to prevent
  • If there are multiple students who exhibit symptoms of COVID, they will be socially distanced in the
    isolation room, until parent pick up has occurred.
  • Parent/guardian will be contacted for immediate pick up and upon arrival, the student will be escorted
    directly from the isolation room to meet the parent/guardian.
  • Information related to healthcare accessibility and available resources will be provided to
  • Parents/guardians will be directed to seek medical care from their private physician or local urgent care
    provider, while following the North Colonie protocol related to COVID Return to School.
  • Symptomatic students or staff members must follow CDC’s Stay Home When You Are Sick guidance
    unless otherwise directed by a healthcare provider or the local department of health.

COVID Guidelines and Best Practices