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Colt News May 2019

| May 3, 2019

From the Desk of the Principal

Dear Boght Families:

It is hard to believe we are looking at the last two months of school. The year has gone by so fast! We still have many exciting activities, and we still have a lot of learning to accomplish. Nice weather can compete with us for the attention of the children. We appreciate your help to keep them focused and well-rested.

At this time, we begin planning for the upcoming school year. We plan to make a few adjustments for next school year. We have made some changes to our master schedule to add additional intervention time that will allow us to address different student needs. We have also made the decision to self-contain our fourth grade classes. This means that students will remain with the same teacher for a full day of instruction – similar to third grade. We will continue to departmentalize (switch classes) in fifth and sixth grade.

Students in grades three through six will participate in the NYS math assessments on May 1st and 2nd, with a make-up day on the 3rd. Fourth graders will also take the NYS science test in June. We ask you to send your child(ren) to school on time each day with a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast.

Please join us on Monday, May 13th at Shaker High School for the 5th and 6th grade concert beginning at 7:00 pm.

A big Hogwarts thank you to Dr. Veino, Mrs. Moustakas and their assembly of Muggles for another wonderful Harry Potter Night. With a “flick and swish” of wands, all wizards, witches and Muggles alike enjoyed themselves. Thank you for the the months of preparation that led to such a Magical Night.

Ms. Clay and your PTA will be running the Spring Scholastic Book Fair in the gym from May 13th to 17th. Students may make their purchases during recess. Adult family members may also shop during the day. We are still in need of volunteers to staff the book fair. This is a Buy One-Get One event. Please be sure to account for sales tax! This is also our “Screen Free Week”. Put down your electronics and pick up a book!

The Annual School Board Election and Budget Vote will take place at Goodrich (central office) on May 21st from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote!

Now that the weather is warmer, students like to dress accordingly. We ask your assistance with making sure that their attire is appropriate for the school environment; please avoid potentially hazardous attire (e.g. flip-flops) or attire that may distract during instruction. Enclosed is a page from the Shaker Junior High School Student Handbook that we follow as well.

We are currently in the process of planning the June Jamboree on June 14th. It will be an exciting day for everyone with many opportunities to volunteer. Please contact Mrs. Baxt or Mrs. Carroll to offer your time and talents. Adult family members may sign up to run a station. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate spectators for security reasons.


Mr. Puccioni

Communications News

North Colonie has implemented a communication and emergency notification system called School Messenger. The system has replaced SNN (School News Notifier.) School Messenger continues to provide parents and community members with important announcements and alerts via email, text messages and phone calls.

Parents are automatically connected to School Messenger through Infinite Campus, which is the district’s student information management system and parent portal. Please take a moment to make sure your contact information is up to date in Infinite Campus, as this will be vital to you receiving important messages through School Messenger. You can edit this information yourself. If you need to create an Infinite Campus account, go to your school’s main office to fill out the paperwork (please bring your driver’s license.)

Physical Education News

A message from Coach Ahl and Coach Williams:

Every year, we choose 4 students for our P.E. Leadership Award-two students from 5th grade and two students from 6th grade. The award is given to a student at Boght Hills that we feel demonstrates good character and helps create a positive atmosphere in the gymnasium. This student also exhibits great enthusiasm and leads by example.

This year we have chosen:

  • 5th grade – Ashlynn Phoenix and Tanner Donovan
  • 6th grade – Ella Roberts and Joshua August

CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s winners!!

Art Room News

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who will represent Boght Hills at the annual district art show: Everett Westendorf, Jennie Ann Connors, Caileen Martinkat, Angelina Zhuang, Audrina Sangiacomo, Arianna Hawkyard, Sophie Wallace, Sudheesh Nandyala, Olivia Larsen, Jillian Ogburn, Will Carroll, Parker Jones, Gabriella Fiacco-Thornton, Muzammil Neyazy, Huiji Song, Adonis Ayers, Riley Wallace, Lindsay Maynard, Vincent LaMorticello, Myah Hovey, Michael Ragaini, Surabhi Krishnan, Caitlin McKinney, Ethan Williams, Emily Yang, Lucas Zhang, Bowen Yu, Chloe Soller, Kevin Lu, Daniel Johnson, Pranjal Yadav.

The opening reception will take place on May 14, 2019 from 7-7:30 at the NYSUT Headquarters on Route 7 in Latham.

Student Dress

The manner of dress reflects on our school and on us; it plays a significant role in setting an appropriate tone for the learning environment. Students will be expected to maintain dress and appearance that is appropriate for school in this community. Students are required to attend school in appropriate dress that meets health and safety standards and does not interfere with their or other’s education. We also understand and respect the legitimate expression of speech as upheld by the courts. This policy is intended to balance a student’s constitutional free speech with the District’s obligation to provide for a safe and healthy learning environment free of substantial disruption. It is written as Shaker Junior High’s application of Board of Education policy #5311.5.

Students often dress as they see others dress on television or at the mall. Being fashionable, however, is not always the same as being appropriate for school. Young adolescents often do not see how their appearance is perceived by their peers and by adults.

We emphasize to all students that school is a place where students are engaged in the business of learning and that they need to dress in a manner that promotes self-respect and the respect of others. Most students dress appropriately on a daily basis; some need regular reminders.

Students are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Students should be covered from shoulders to mid-thigh, except for arms (no bare midriffs showing)
  • shorts and skirts have to be a mid-thigh length or longer
  • no undergarments, such as boxer shorts or bra straps, should be visible: clothes that reveal undergarments should not be worn
  • thin spaghetti strapped tops and tank tops are considered undergarments and should be covered
  • headwear (except for those of a religious or cultural nature) and sunglasses are not to be worn in the building
  • jackets and coats meant for outdoors should not be worn in school

The wearing of attire bearing an expression (phrase, word or words) or insignia (picture, symbol, patch or pin) that is in any of the following categories is forbidden:

  • is obscene or libelous, contains an objectionable message, is graphic, or has language including insults, whether directed to themselves or others
  • advocates prejudice towards race, color, religion, culture, national origin, disability or any protected group
  • is sexually harassing, or suggestive or contains sexual references
  • displays or advocates the use of alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances
  • advocates violence or threatening behavior by others
  • displays known gang colors or identifications

Certain categories of clothing have been held to be impermissible by the Commissioner of Education on the basis of factors other than appropriateness of style, fashion or taste. These categories are those constituting:

  • Health and safety to the student and others (e.g., long haired sweaters worn near open flames and heating elements, or loose parts of clothing worn near machinery).
  • Possibility of damage to school property (e.g., metal cleats or shoes, long chains or straps, or clothing containing hardware which may scratch or gouge furniture).
  • Indecent or obscene
  • Distraction so as to interfere with the learning and teaching process (e.g., noise producing adornment or appearance or clothing that is distracting to other students or the educational environment).

Classroom teachers have an educational obligation to encourage neat, clean and appropriate dress. Students shall be asked to wear appropriate protective gear in certain classes (i.e., family and consumer sciences, technology education, science, art and physical education).

Students will be asked to change their appearance to conform to these building-wide expectations; students also may be excluded from field trips, regular classroom attendance and extracurricular activities and programs due to inappropriate dress or appearance as determined by school administrators. If necessary, progressive consequences will be assigned for repeated violations.

We want to impress upon our children what constitutes appropriate clothing for a school environment, and we ask for your help. A concerted message from home and school will be most effective. Please be sure to check your child’s clothing before he/she leaves for school in the morning.

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

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