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Circle of Life display teaches diversity

| March 24, 2015
John Gara's seventh grade Life Science students.

John Gara’s seventh grade Life Science students.

Since 1962 and the origin of Shaker Junior High School, a collection of life has been happening. From bacteria to skeletal remains, seventh grade Life Science teacher John Gara has been collecting and preserving these items, using them as a teaching tool.

Each year, the items are put together in a display, titled “Circle of Life.”

“This display shows all the diversity of life, starting with the bacteria that evolved two billion years ago, to modern humans, which are only 2 million years old,” said Gara.

The "Circle of Life" display at Shaker Junior High School.

The “Circle of Life” display at Shaker Junior High School.

Gara says one of the curriculum topics of his Life Science class is diversity of life, which he feels the collection helps to signify.

“One of the main points, is that we’re just the end products,” he said. “Over 90 percent of life is invertebrates; we’re just a small part of a much greater whole. To see it all at once, gives the students that vision.”

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