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Camp Invention comes to North Colonie

| August 10, 2015
Students at Camp Invention

Elementary students work with high school volunteers during Camp Invention.

For five days this summer, North Colonie hosted “Camp Invention” led by high school technology teacher, Brian Ashline. 88 students in grades 1-6 participated in the program, where teachers and high school students led hands-on engineering activities, examining science and technology concepts through team-building exercises. Click here for a photo gallery of the event.

Students participated in various activity modules, including “KartWheel”, where they created their own freestyle racing cart; “Design Studio: Illuminate”, where students learned what it means to create a product prototype from scratch; “ I Can Invent: Next Level Gamers”, where students took apart broken or unused appliances using real tools to create a physical video game model in the 3rd dimension, and “Inducted”, where students watched inspiring video challenges from National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees.

12 volunteer high school students, called Leadership Interns, worked with the students, as well as seven “counselors in training”, who were students going into 7-9 grade. Five teachers assisted Director Brian Ashline.


Brian Ashline, Director

Hope Dils, Kartwheel Instructor

Julie Dwyer, Next Level Gamer Instructor

Ian Knox, MOVE Instructor

George Moglia, Design Studio: Illuminate Instructor

Brittany Slingerland, Assistant Director

Danielle Vartigian, Inducted Instructor

Leadership Interns:

Cameron Curtin

Matt Cutler

Alan Dai

Unnas Hussain

Cameron Kaercher

Anam Mehta                    

Wenny Miao                     

Prachi Mishra    

Vivek Peri           

Josh Smith         

Lukas Velikov    

Yousef Waly

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