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Builders Club annual yam drive for Equinox exceeds expectations!

| November 22, 2016

Each year, the Shaker Junior High School Builders Club organizes a canned yam drive to benefit the Equinox Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner, which feeds thousands of area homeless and homebound individuals and families annually. This year’s drive exceeding expectations, as club members collected more than 500 cans of yams to donate to the event – surpassing the goal of 400 cans.

picture of faculty members dressed as pilgrims and a turkeyThe Junior High community has always been charitable, but school officials believe that an added incentive may have contributed to the overwhelming success of the drive this year. As an incentive, students received one ballot for each can of yams they donated, to vote for a faculty member to dress as a pilgrim or as a turkey the day before Thanksgiving recess.

Special thanks to the many staff members who graciously put their names on the ballot, and especially to the top vote-getters: pilgrims – Ms. Strouse and Mr. Myer, and turkey – Mr. Harris.

Whatever the reason for the outpouring of support this year, the Builders Club and co-advisors Ms. Schanz and Ms. Mailloux deserve a big round of applause for their efforts. Many thanks, as well, to everyone who donated the canned yams.

 Thanks to the Shaker Junior High community, the Equinox House will once again have a ton of yams to serve at its annual Thanksgiving dinner!

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