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Boght Hills third graders teach art lesson to kindergarten students

| June 28, 2018

Laura Duffy with two third grade studentsTwo Boght Hills third graders had the unique experience this year of stepping out of their student shoes and into those of a teacher.

When Maeve Hisgen and Makena Torn first met art teacher Laura Duffy two years ago, they both expressed a similar interest in becoming an artist and/or art teacher someday. Fast forward to this spring, the girls began to talk about their aspirations again, leading Ms. Duffy to offer to help them create a lesson to teach to kindergarten students. They hashed out details using google slides and their school email addresses and went over how an art teacher typically plans lessons, including creating sample work, pacing and troubleshooting when students finish early.

“When I was a young student, my art teacher allowed me to teach and help out with younger grades,” said Ms. Duffy. “This meant so much to me because I knew that I wanted to be an art teacher and wanted all of the practice I could get.”

Two third grade students teach an art lesson to kindergarten studentsMaeve and Maken met with Ms. Duffy before the lesson and had a dress rehearsal to make sure they were confident and ready to go.  

“I treated them much like I would a student teacher,” she said. “On the day of the lesson they came prepared and excited; it was wonderful to see their hard work pay off.”

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