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Third graders embrace folklore for Folktale Festival

| May 25, 2017

Ms. Connor's third grade class dressed up for the Folktale FestivalHave you ever wondered why crabs have claws? How about why kangaroos have a pouch? The third graders at Boght Hills could probably tell you why!

On Friday, May 19th, students in third grade at Boght Hills embraced their Folklore reading unit by creating projects for their Folktale Festival!

After reading a variety of folktales, fairy tales, trickster tales, myths, and legends, students wrote their own Pourquoi Tales, which explain why things are the way they are in nature. Each student chose an animal to write about and describe why those animals have certain features.

They took their pieces through all stages of the writing process, and were then able to dress up as their animal and explain to festival-goers what their stories were about. They made sure to tie their stories into the folklore genre by making sure the stories had a moral or a lesson readers could learn from.

The third graders worked very hard on their stories, projects, and presentations and did a fabulous job presenting for their guests!

To check out more photos from the festival: 

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