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Boght Hills fourth graders show just how much ‘Kindness Rocks’

| October 20, 2017

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Meet Mrs. Conroy’s Boght Hills fourth graders; “North Colonie Kids Care” October 2017 feature.

This year Boght Hills Fourth Grade Teacher Jennifer Conroy decided to kick off her class with a nationwide project called Kindness Rocks after seeing pictures of the project on social media.

Each of her students painted rocks with different messages of inspiration or artistic creations, and then hid them in the community in an effort to spread a smile to others who come across them. People who find the rocks are then asked to pass the kindness forward, either by making a new rock or re-hiding the one they found.

Mrs. Conroy’s Fourth Graders: the North Colonie Kids Care October feature.

“It seemed like it was a great way to build a sense of community within the district,” said Conroy. “And I thought it would be an excellent community builder to do inside my classroom to start the year off with the expectation of students treating each other kindly.”

But what started as a beginning-of-the-school-year project wound up turning into much more.

Conroy says now her students are rock painting during lunches once a week, and she has students using their own money and gift cards to have rock painting playdates outside of school on the weekends.

“The students really embraced the project and understand the point of it,” added Conroy. “The students are making and leaving rocks and expect nothing in return, they just want to pass kindness on to others.”

Conroy added that most of her students hope that leaving a kindness rock for someone to find will give them a smile, or maybe send them a message when they need it most.

“Mrs. Conroy and her students are really getting back to the basics and remembering what’s important…treating others with kindness,” said Leslie Carroll, a parent of one of Conroy’s students.

Conroy says now her students are rock painting during lunches once a week.

“It’s just really nice to see how the students have embraced this idea and run with it,” added Conroy.

Conroy has created a Facebook group called Conroy’s Kids Care where people who find the students’ Kindness Rocks can post pictures using the hashtags #conroyskidscare and #thekindnessrocksproject.

She hopes to spread the kindness outside of Boght Hills to reach the greater North Colonie community.

Congratulations to Mrs. Conroy’s fourth grade class for being recognized as North Colonie Kids Care recipients for October!

Mrs. Conroy’s Fourth Graders:

  • Jeanette Bermejo
  • Sam Bermudez
  • Surya Bommasani
  • Tessa Carroll
  • Arianna DeVoe
  • Ryan Fredrick
  • Prathik Gullapalli
  • Sam Hanrahan
  • Kaiya Hanrahan
  • Arianna Hoffman
  • Ryan Isernia
  • Taelin Jansen
  • Lauren Knapp
  • Cristiano Logrippo
  • Caitlin McKinney
  • Paige McKown
  • Reece Meier
  • Srihith Nelapati
  • Ishita Parihar
  • Remziye Tok
  • Samantha Trombley
  • Rosa Tropiano
  • Jai Upperpalli
  • Ava Walsh
  • Katharine Wheeler
  • Ethan Williams
  • Hari Yoganathan

To learn more about the project visit The Kindness Rocks Project website.

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