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Boght Hills fourth graders bring the “I Got U” campaign to their school

| January 18, 2018
Boght Hills 4th grade students: Tanner Donovan, Lucas Zhang, Kieran Casey & Hari Yoganathan.

Boght Hills 4th grade students: Tanner Donovan, Lucas Zhang, Kieran Casey & Hari Yoganathan.

Meet fourth grade Boght Hills Elementary students, Tanner Donovan, Lucas Zhang, Kieran Casey, and Hari Yoganathan; “North Colonie Kids Care” January 2018 feature.

The characteristics of the district’s monthly North Colonie Kids Care features include a student’s demonstration of his or her willingness to bring about positive change in the world, even in a sometimes quiet manner.

Four Boght Hills students are doing just that.

Tanner Donovan, Lucas Zhang, Kieran Casey, and Hari Yoganathan say they didn’t set their sights on a big recognition, or even for a big deal to be made out of their idea, which was simply, to follow the golden rule. 

“I mainly just wanted to spread the word,” said Zhang. “I didn’t think we would get this far.”

The students recently learned about the “I Got U” (IGU) anti-bullying campaign and thought it would be a good idea to bring the campaign to their school. The trending “I GOT U” brand defines itself as “encouraging people to do the right in their most routine walks of everyday life.” The brand also represents diversity and inclusion.

When the boys brought their idea of forming an “I Got U” club at their school to Principal Greiner, she immediately came on board, saying her belief is to always support her students’ ventures, no matter how big or small.

“Unless we give them opportunities to make decisions, they won’t become decision makers,” said Greiner.

So Tanner, Lucas, Kieran, and Hari created posters to hang around the school, spoke to their entire fourth grade, and posted a sign up list for their new club.

To become a member, it doesn’t take much. In fact, the boys say following the “Golden Rule” is the bottomline. As a result, their ideas for acts of kindness are simple to carry out: sit with a student at lunch who is new to the school, or if someone falls in the hallway, give them a hand and help them back up. 

“The number one thing to know, is bullying is wrong and it’s not very nice,” said Kieran. “It’s just something you shouldn’t do.”

“Just treat others the way you want to be treated,” added Tanner.

The groups of boys are going to ask their friends from other North Colonie elementary schools to spread the “I Got U” campaign, knowing a little kindness can go a long way for one person.

“I’ve never been in a club before, and it just feels good to start one to help kids,” said Tanner.

“These are the kinds of kids who are really going to change the world,” added Greiner. 

The students were nominated by Boght Hills 4th grade teacher, Jill Goldberg, and will be recognized at the Jan. 22 Board of Education monthly meeting.


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