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Boght Hills 6th graders take kindness an extra mile

| October 22, 2018

In school, there are many small symbols on advancement as students reach higher grades. In elementary schools, it’s getting to sit in the back of the bus, among other things. But when Joey Treffiletti and Vidun Perera heard that a kindergarten student was having a hard time adjusting to school, they gave up their seat of privilege to make sure that student felt welcome.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” said Vidun.

“I would have wanted someone to do it for me,” said Joey.

BJoey Treffiletti and Vidun Pereraoth Boght Hills 6th graders are modest, brushing off most of the praise that has come their way for their good act. But ever since a teacher let them know there was a student on their bus who needed someone to talk to and sit with a couple of weeks ago, they have made quite the impact in that student’s life.

“They’ve become more talkative since we started,” said Vidun.

And their kindness has made others notice as well. Some other older students at Boght Hills have started sitting on the bus with younger students who look like they need a friend.

“I get that kids can be scared,” said Vidun. “It’s good to have someone to talk to when you’re lonely.”

For Joey, the experience has been personal. “In kindergarten, I was petrified of leaving my parents and going to school on a bus,” he said, smiling as he looks back on it now. But he says that experience is a big reason why he wanted to help others who were having problems coming to school.

Congratulations to Joey and Vidun on being named the North Colonie Kids Care Award winners for the month of October!

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