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Board of Education Committee and Special Meetings

The North Colonie Board of Education is a Committee of the Whole, meaning all nine board members are members of all standing committees.

Committee/special meetings are scheduled as necessary throughout the school year, so please check the schedule regularly. Meetings are open to the public unless Board members vote to enter into an executive session. Meeting minutes are not posted until they have been approved by the Board at a subsequent meeting.

Committee meetings are study sessions during which board members receive and discuss information about topics relevant to the school district. During these meetings, Board members and administrators may decide upon a path of action to pursue in relation to the topic of discussion.

Each school and PTA is assigned a representative Board member, who does his or her best to attend the assigned school’s special events and PTA meetings. The Board member is available at PTA meetings to give updates or answer questions from those in attendance. Each spring, during budget season, the Board member and superintendent will conduct a budget presentation at each school.

2020-21 Committee/Special Meetings