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Art Students Attend Steamroller Print Event at Sage College

| January 3, 2019

Students in Mrs. Paris’ 3D design (sculpture) class recently participated in a steamroller print day event at Sage College. The large boards (3ft/2ft) were carved at Shaker and delivered to Sage. At Sage, students rolled ink and printed the designs on the ground with a steamroller pressing the prints. The prints were featured in the DEC Gallery show at the high school in December.

“It is a wonderful experience that Sage College offers this opportunity to collaborate with local high schools,” said Shaker Art Teacher LynnMarie Paris. “Our students were more motivated and recognized how unique this opportunity was.”

Students laying down the piece of artStudents and their family members with the completed pieces of art The paper artwork being carried The steamroller going over the piece of artThe completed pieces of artMrs. Paris painting on the piece of artStudents laying the art board on the ground Students carrying the piece of art

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