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Science at the Elementary Level

At the elementary level, North Colonie believes that students need opportunities for discovery-based learning and opportunities to process their discoveries through reading, writing, speaking and listening.    In addition, they need opportunities to develop vocabulary, skills of observation, and strategies for collecting and organizing their data and ideas.  They need to be able to synthesize their learning and apply these skills to novel situations. 

Since the fall of 2015, the district has been using F.O.S.S. (Full Option Science System). This researched based program has engaging hands-on activities for students as well as high-quality supporting materials, including leveled reading materials, thought-provoking writing prompts, consistent vocabulary and definitions, as well as outstanding online materials for teachers and students.  In addition, there is tremendous vertical alignment of concepts, vocabulary, procedures, activities and assessments

Common, rigorous learning standards with engaging, high quality instruction assist teachers in helping students develop a solid base of scientific skills and understandings that can be applied to solve real world problems.  Students’ science proficiency is measured by the New York State science assessment given in grades 4 and 8.