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Science at the high school level

A strong foundation in science is far more than just understanding content, it also encourages the development of reasoning and problem solving skills while sparking interest in the physical and biological world around us. The science department at Shaker High School is committed to delivering excellence in science education based on scientific inquiry, design and the scientific method. We believe all of our students can be successful in their respective science programs by demonstrating consistent effort, asking for help when needed, and building positive relationships with their teachers.

The Shaker High School Science Department is dedicated to helping all students apply and effectively communicate scientific concepts and literacy to real world phenomena through the use of independent critical thinking and problem solving skills. We will model and foster these qualities through the development of relevant curricula and the encouragement of appropriate collaboration in a safe, positive, and supportive environment.

View videos about science programming at Shaker High School.

Commonly Recommended Sequences:

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Biology R Earth Science R Chemistry R Physics R
Biology H* Chemistry H Physics R
Physics H
UHS Physics
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics (C)
AP Environment
Any Elective
Applied Biology I Applied Biology II Earth Science R Chemistry R/Elective
Applied Biology I Applied Biology II Applied Earth I or other elective Applied Earth II or other elective
Unified Biology I Unified Biology II Elective Elective

*Earth Science R and the Earth Science Regents Exam was completed in 8th grade and counts as 1 Regents credit. 

NOTE: Most commonly, we recommend sequences which are above and beyond NYS minimum requirements for graduation. For some students, the NYS minimum requirements may be appropriate.