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High School Health Education


Health is a condition of well-being that is required for the development of each individual and for society as a whole. Optimal health is dependent upon knowledge, attitude and behavior. The health courses offered are based upon New York State and North Colonie Curricula and have been approved by the Board of Education. The curriculum focuses on seven skill areas: Planning and Goal Setting, Decision Making, Communication, Stress Management, Self-Management, Relationship Management and Advocacy. Topics are presented in connection to a specific skill area. The instructional focus is on promoting abstinence and to provide accurate, age appropriate information to support a student’s ability to make informed decisions, to problem solve, to be safe and to achieve a high level of wellness. Health is offered during the sophomore year and students are required to pass this course in order to graduate. Students entering Shaker High School in grade 12 will be required to take Health unless the requirement was fulfilled in a previous school.

Course Titles and Descriptions

901 Health

Either Semester – ½ Unit

In this course topics will include physical activity and nutrition, body image, addiction, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs, personal safety, mental health, suicide prevention, characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, abstinence, *contraception use and rates of effectiveness/ineffectiveness, sexually transmitted infections and the HIV/AIDS curriculum which includes *prevention lessons.

*According to Commissioner’s Regulation 135.3, AIDS education should, at a minimum, provide accurate information concerning the nature of the disease, methods of transmission, and methods of prevention. No pupil shall be required to receive instruction concerning the methods of prevention of AIDS if the parent or legal guardian of such pupil has filed with the principal of the school which the pupil attends a written request that the pupil not participate in such instruction with an assurance that the pupil will receive such instruction at home. Such exempt pupils, however, are still required to receive instruction concerning the nature of the disease and methods of transmission.

Contact the Supervisor of Secondary PE, Health and Athletics for “opt out” information for lessons concerning the methods of prevention of AIDS and contraception use.

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