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High School Physical Education

9th Grade Elective Offerings | 10th-12th Grade Elective Offerings

Physical education is an instructional program contributing to the physical, mental and social development of all students. The broad instructional phase of the program provides for a vigorous experience in the development of skills, techniques and knowledge of individual, team and lifetime athletic activities.

A wide variety of activities are offered for our students. The school year is divided into two semesters and the activities offered in each semester range in duration of three-to-ten weeks, depending on the activity. Tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students are encouraged to select activities which are personally vital, interesting and that will contribute to their individual development. The ninth grade students follow a prescribed program.

Adapted physical education is provided for pupils with chronic handicapping conditions, those recuperating from injuries and accidents as well as those convalescing from long and short-term illnesses. Students under doctor’s written authorization of a period of three weeks or longer will be assigned to adaptive Physical Education.

All students are required to be in the regular or the adapted program. An American Red Cross Level 3 Swimming achievement or Basic Water Safety Course is required for all students.

Four years (two credits) of physical education are required for graduation. One-quarter unit of credit is earned each semester. Students must successfully pass eight semesters.

9th Grade Elective Offerings

PE 903/904 Freshman Physical Education

The freshman level curriculum includes: Aerobic Activity, Base Games, Competitive Games, Cross-Country/Track and Field, Fitness/Wellness, Net Games, Project Adventure, REC Sports, Swimming, Team Sports, Strength Training.

PF PE 9 Performance Fitness

This semester course is designed for athletes of all ages to learn about various aspects of fitness in order to improve athletic performance. Topics covered include: proper lifting techniques, injury prevention, power, agility, speed, reaction time, coordination and balance. This course is open to 9-12 graders. Students can participate in this course multiple times. Freshman who register for Performance Fitness, need to recognize that we may not be able to accommodate every freshman who has selected it. Therefore, priority will be given to students in grades 10-12. Ninth grade students who cannot be accommodated will automatically be rescheduled for Freshman Physical Education.

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10th-12th Grade Elective Offerings

PF PE 10-12 Performance Fitness

This semester course is designed for athletes of all ages to learn about various aspects of fitness in order to improve athletic performance. Topics covered include: proper lifting techniques, injury prevention, power, agility, speed, reaction time, coordination and balance. Seniors exemptions will not be approved for Performance Fitness.

TSF PE 10-12 Team Sports and Fitness

This semester course is designed to accommodate and challenge highly motivated physical education students. While active participation is essential in all P.E. classes, Team Sports & Fitness puts emphasis on team play, game strategy and the cooperative nature of team sports. Students will be exposed to the skills, rules, scoring and strategies necessary to engage in team play in a variety of sports. Activities will include soccer, football, Cavottaball, basketball, base games, dodgeball, volleyball, floor hockey and many other games of student interest.

RSF PE 10-12 Recreational Sports and Fitness

This semester course requires great energy and enthusiasm with the emphasis on active participation and the concept of competition is secondary. Both team and individual sports will be covered. Students will learn skills, strategies, rules and scoring for the following activities: Frisbee activities, archery, 4-square, dodgeball, Cavottaball, Pickleball, bocce, volleyball, base games, floor hockey, backyard games and other recreational games of student interest.

NSF PE 10-12 Net Sports and Fitness

This semester course will focus on the traditional net sports. Students will learn the skills, rules, scoring and strategies necessary to play net sports. Students in this course should be interested in skill work, individual and small group team play and learning about the opportunities for net sports in our community. Activities will include tennis, badminton, volleyball, Pickleball, beach volleyball (outside) Speedminton and other sports of student interest.

PAF PE 10-12 Project Adventure and Fitness

This semester course is for the adventurous student who likes a challenge. Cooperative games and team-building activities at the ground level are the focus of the first half of this course. After students complete these ground level activities and develop a trust with their classmates they will learn rope skills and belaying techniques. The course will culminate with students testing their limits as they climb to new heights on our ropes course. The course is the perfect opportunity for students to challenge themselves to try something new.

LSF PE 10-12 Lifetime Sports and Fitness

Lifetime Fitness is a high school course for students who wish to participate in physical activities that generally can be pursued throughout one’s lifetime. Lifetime fitness covers various topics, trainings, and concepts so that students have a solid understanding of all the components that go into having a healthy body and mind. Students will engage in group fitness classes that include cycling, cardio room workouts, fitness stations, yoga, Pilates, dance, and kickboxing. The course also includes individualized workout programs like walking, weight training, and interactive electronic fitness gaming .The students will additionally explore lifetime recreational games such as volleyball, badminton, orienteering and golf to name a few. The goal for this course is for students to leave this course feeling proficient, confident, and comfortable to enter any gym, fitness studio, or create their own workout routine.

Lifeguarding – Full Year Course

Looking for a great paying job for the summer? Lifeguards are in very high demand. This is a full-year course, every other day, in which you will obtain an American Red Cross Lifeguarding, CPR, AED, and First Aid certification with an option for Waterfront Lifeguarding. There is a prerequisite physical test that must be passed in order to participate in this course. There may be a minimal fee for course materials for this course. The Lifeguarding curriculum will take up ¾ of the course: the remaining ¼ will be practical work lifeguarding for other Shaker High School Physical Education classes offering swimming units.

Unified Physical Education

Unified Physical Education is an inclusive physical education course that unites student “athletes” (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and “partners” (individuals without intellectual disabilities) to explore a wide variety of activities. Unified Physical Education is a unique opportunity for students of varying ability levels to learn together on equal terms through ongoing fitness, sports, leadership and wellness activities. Students will be working with many students throughout the year by being a peer mentor/teacher. Students will earn their regular physical education credit in this course. This course is only offered during periods when adaptive Physical Education is taught.

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All offerings will consist of a Physical Fitness Component, including Fitness Level/Assessments, exposure and introductory instruction to our Fitness Center/Weight Room.

Activities will be short in duration (1-3 weeks) to expose students to a wide variety of activities. Popular activities may be repeated throughout the semester.