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Elementary Math FAQ

Why do students have to show all of their work in mathematics? If the child can find the answer without showing one (or more) strategies used, aren’t we simply adding to the confusion? These are common questions parents often have about elementary math and the common core standards. This North Colonie district page has been created as a resource for families as they help their children navigate homework and other assignments.

Math FAQ 
This was created by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Kathleen Skeals, and her team of Instructional Coaches.

Common Core Math Video
The logic of the “new math,” is sometimes questioned, particularly the number of steps required for problems that appear simple.  The link above is to a video which explains why those extra steps are so essential, particularly for the younger grades, in order to help students develop a better understanding of mathematical principles.

Links to websites:

K-6 Think Central 
This site contains excellent tutorial videos for both parents and students to watch. All students have a username and password to get in.

Learn Zillion
This site is an outstanding site that provides instructional tutorial videos for parents and students. You can search by grade, standard or skill.

KHAN Academy
This site is outstanding as a free video resource for math. The above link is a wonderful explanation of how you divide fractions and how you can use a number line to understand this. You can search by grade or topic. It also has videos explaining common core concepts.

An uncommon approach to the common core 
A common core site for parents.

Math Playground
This site is excellent for learning and practicing how to use bar modeling to solve word problems. They start at the first grade level!

Additional online resources: