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Special Education

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As a district, we will prioritize the needs of our special education students when considering all instructional options. Our plan includes bringing all special education students K-12 in everyday. This plan allows us to implement students’ IEPs as recommended by the Committee on Special Education (CSE). Students’ health and safety will be the main priority during the reopening of school. We will also have precautions and measures in place to meet students’ social emotional needs. Additionally, IEP goals will be progress monitored closely to determine any needed amendments or changes. Areas of academic need will be addressed at the CSE level as they arise. For any students’ who cannot attend because of various medical reasons or parents not feeling comfortable with their special education students’ attending in-person school, they will be provided a virtual option where we will implement their current IEP to the greatest extent possible.

Neither state or federal guidance has required the CSE to develop IEP’s specifically for school closure periods. Therefore, IEPs will continue to be implemented that offer students a FAPE in school. As a district we will adhere to state and federal guidelines and timelines. Communication with families will continue to be in place and proper notification will remain in compliance with IDEA mandates. Monthly communication and updates will be provided to families throughout the school year utilizing multiple platforms outside of state and federal mandates, such as Town Hall meetings by the PPS team. Periodic surveys will also be utilized to elicit feedback from parents and guardians. Newsletters and classroom communication will continue as past practice.

In order to support North Colonie’s CPSE students, the district will work closely with programs and related service providers to adhere to county, state, and federal guidelines and timelines. Communication between families and agencies conducting evaluations will be ongoing. Meetings will be held on a regular basis to assess evaluations, data, and student progress.

District CSE and Subcommittees will meet frequently to create and review student IEPs and behavior plans. The collaboration between families and the district is essential to student success. North Colonie encourages open dialogue and frequent communication between all stakeholders.

All assistive technology, accommodations, program modifications,and supplementary aids and services will remain in place for all students to the greatest extent possible while first and foremost adhering to our health and safety guidelines. Any amendments to these areas will be discussed with families at the CSE level.

For information about meaningful parent engagement regarding the provision of services to a child to meet the requirements of the IDEA, visit the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section of our reopening plan.

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