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Bilingual Education/World Language Students

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Initial Identification of Potential ELLs

  • All English Language Learners who enrolled in North Colonie during COVID-related closure, over the summer 2020, or within the first 20 days of school opening, will be screened within 30 days of the start of school. After the 20-day flexibility period, potential ELLs will be screened within 10 days of enrollment. While the registrar’s office will continue to conduct the registration process, in accordance with the “Provision of Services to ELLs and World Language Students” memo from 5/13/2020, any in-person screening for new entrants will follow the district’s safety protocols to ensure compliance with the Governor’s Executive Orders and Center for Disease Control (CDC) health and safety guidelines after commencement of regional reopening.
  • To address the potential influx of students to be screened, we await guidance from SED to confirm that Title III/Immigrant funds can be used to hire staff to assist with the screening process. In the interim, our plan is to provide coverage for ENL teachers to complete assessments.
  • According to the current 2020-2021 BOE approved school calendar the 10th day of enrollment will be September 23, the 20th day of enrollment will be October 8, and the 30th day of enrollment will be October 23. All screening and NYSITELL testing will be completed by October 23. 
  • Required instructional units of study to all ELLs will be provided based on their most recently measured English language proficiency level during in-person or hybrid instruction.

Required Instructional Units of Study

  • All ELLs will be provided the required instructional Units of Study in their ENL program based on their most recently measured English language proficiency level as evidenced in their most recent NYSESLAT or their NYSITELL assessment during in-person or hybrid learning. Former ELLs at the Commanding level of proficiency within two years of exiting ELL status will continue receiving Former ELL services in the form of Integrated ENL during in-person or hybrid learning. The English proficiency level of students who are entering their third year as a Former ELL at the Commanding level of proficiency in 2020-21 will be provided with supplemental Former ELLs services as necessary.
  • All ELLs will be prioritized for every day, onsite learning when possible.
  • In alignment with Principle 1 of the NYS Blueprint for ELL/MLL Success (“All teachers are teachers of English Language Learners”), ENL teachers will work alongside their content-area co-teachers to support ELLs. ELLs will receive both integrated and stand-alone instruction based on the Units of Study.
  • Schools have the flexibility to provide additional units of study if they deem necessary based on student need. This flexibility could take the form of additional ENL programming to address oral language development, writing and reading skills, and academic vocabulary development to provide more access to content.
  • Establish protocols that promote coordination among English as a New Language (ENL) and content area teachers for the delivery of remote and hybrid learning.
  • Prioritize common planning time for ENL and content-area/general education teachers when scheduling; shared access to electronic platforms for delivery of instruction such as Google Classroom, opportunities for virtual collaboration to develop accessible online synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

For information about meaningful parent engagement regarding the provision of services to a child to meet the requirements of the IDEA, visit the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section of our reopening plan.

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