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300 families attend North Colonie’s International Festival

| May 12, 2015
The Sudan booth at North Colonie's International Festival.

The Sudan booth at North Colonie’s International Festival.

More than 300 families attended North Colonie’s International Festival, which provided students with an opportunity to experience culture from 33 different countries around the world. Mrs. Lisa Morgan and Ms. Aimee Gauthier planned and organized the program.

Upon arrival, the elementary students received passports and embarked on their journey “around the world.” The students visited various booths that represented different countries, and were able to see traditional costumes and cultural items, taste ethnic food, play games, learn words in a new language, and interview a native person from that country. After spending some time at the booths, students were asked questions about the countries they visited. Once they answered the questions correctly, they received a stamp in their passports.

Throughout the afternoon, there were also specially scheduled activities such as music events, large group games, and various presentations.

“This was an exciting, educational event for the elementary students as well as the numerous high school students and community members,” said Galina Kats, North Colonie’s Foreign Language Department Supervisor. “The festival provided students with an opportunity to expand their horizons and appreciate the real meaning of cultural diversity.”

Click here to see a photo gallery of the event.

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