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Contact Us


Ms. Jerri Lynne Dedrick

30 Southgate Road
Loudonville, NY 12211
Phone: (518) 785-6607

Fax: (518) 783-8878


Mrs. Danielle Domicolo, Secretary

(518) 785-6607, Ext. 4203


Mrs. Jean Rinaldi, Building Assistant

Ext. 4223


Ms. JoAnne Bailey

Keyboard Specialist, Ext. 4204


Ms. Rose Scully

Keyboard Specialist, ext. 4201


PTA Voicemail Box

Ext. 4298

Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical listing of each faculty member with their four-digit extension.


Aldous, Mary Beth

Art, Ext. 4272


Barton, Sarah

LRA, Ext. 4205


Becker, Kara

School Psychologist, Ext. 4206


Bevilacqua, Colleen



Biviano, Christina

ASC 2, Ext. 4213


Bonanno, Penny

LEP/Counselor, Ext. 4219


Brewer, Heidi

Special Class Integrated, Ext. 4230


Butz, Kelsey

Kindergarten, Ext. 4261


Callahan, Stella

Grade 1, Ext. 4260


Chiovetta, Jodi
Nurse, Ext. 4210


Chlopecki, Elizabeth

Grade 4, Ext. 4259


Dennis, Joanne

Grade 1, Ext. 4253

Ditzel, Kristine

Grade 2, Ext. 4266


Dowden, Sarah

Grade 6, Ext. 4277


Fazioli, Stephanie

Grade 3, Ext. 4251


Geragosian, Beth

Remedial Reading, Ext. 4220


Harriman, Dawn

Grade 6, Ext. 4262


Holmes, Lynne

Instrumental Music, Ext. 4274


Hulihan, Eileen

Grade 2, Ext. 4255


Joseph, Tara

Occupational Therapy, Ext. 4214


Karl, Diana

Music Teacher, Ext. 4270


Keilen, Edward

Grade 5, Ext. 4256

Kinzel, Donald

Kindergarten, Ext. 4258


Lubin, Kristen

Physical Education, Ext. 4211


Meredith, Lori

Computer Aide, Ext. 4224

Meyers, Amanda

Grade 6, Ext. 4250

Mittler, Mandy

Speech, Ext. 4225


Mosher, Deb

Occupational Therapy, Ext. 4214


Mravlja, Peter

Physical Education, Ext. 4211

Mulson, Lisa

Grade 4, Ext. 4265


Ostwald, Shannon

Remedial Reading, Ext. 4268


Parmalee, Janet

Library, Ext. 4208


Pinkham, Patricia

Grade 3, Ext. 4263


Renzi, Antoinette  

Teacher Assistant, Ext. 4278


Rossi, Dianna

Speech, Ext. 4225


Samaniuk, Jennifer

ESL, Ext. 4273

Scherzer, Monica

Grade 3, Ext. 4291


Shepard, Stacey

LEP, Ext. 3342


Schrom, Victoria 

Remedial Math, Ext. 4276


Sober, Kevin

Grade 5, Ext. 4257

Tabatabai, Simeen

Grade 5, Ext. 4275


Trawinski, Maya



Sara Tribou  

Instrumental Music, Ext. 4271


Vasilakis, Michelle

Speech, Ext. 4212


Wagner, Tawny

Grade 4, Ext. 4267


Winters-Bona, Abby

Health, Ext. 4296


Washock, Lynn

Occupational Therapy, Ext. 4214


Young, Jessica

ASC 1, Ext. 4215



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