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Contact Us

Dr. Russell Moore

475 Watervliet-Shaker Road
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: (518) 785-1341
Fax: (518) 783-8877


Mrs. Lisa Carroll, Secretary
(518) 785-1341, Ext. 4505


Mrs. Debra Babbitt, Secretary
(518) 785-1341, Ext. 4501


Mrs. Sue Smith, Attendance

Ext. 4513


Calhoun & Clay

Mr. Mitchell

Hall Principal

Mrs. Nancy Hooley, Hall Secretary

Ext. 4530

Houston & Norris

Mrs. Lange

Hall Principal

Ms. Judy Ahl, Hall Secretary

Ext. 4536

Faculty Directory


7th Grade



English Mrs. E. Mailloux
Ext. 4757

Mr. R. Bedell
Ext. 4702
Mrs. J. Basile
Ext. 4711

Mrs. C. Patenaude
Ext. 4728
Social Studies Mr. D. Wallingford
Ext. 4707
Mr. S. Harris
Ext. 4730
Mr. Myer
Ext. 4705
Mr. Rizzo
Ext. 4720
Mathematics Mrs. D. Howard
Ext. 4742
Ms. Matthews
Ext. 4739
Mrs. H. Lindhurst
Ext. 4743
 Mr. M. Moffre
Ext. 4704
Science Mr. J. Gara
Ext. 4525
Mrs. S. Strouse
Ext. 4709
Mr. Salvi
Ext. 4796

Mr. J. Slyer
Ext. 4751



8th Grade



English Ms. A. Favro
Ext. 4748
Mrs. Lyng
Ext. 4747
Mr. J. Edgar
Ext. 4750
Mrs. C. Froehlich
Ext. 4740
Social Studies Mr. J. Berti
Ext. 4738
Mr. P. Coughlin
Ext. 4716
Mrs. M. Kerr
Ext. 4706
Mrs. K. Peterson
Ext. 4725
Mathematics Ms. J. Beach
Ext. 4737
Ms. S. Rossi
Ext. 4722
Ms. E. Carroll
Ext. 4798
Mrs. Schanz
Ext. 4739
Science Ms. H. Burke
Ext. 4792
Dr. A. Bisnett
Ext. 4741
Mrs. L. Bullis
Ext. 4752
Ms. Darrow
Ext. 4717

Science Lab: Ms. Levi



Mr. Haacker
Mrs. Lancaster
Mr. Hanley

Ms. Aldous



Mrs. DeRizzo
Ms. DeVito
Ms. Stack

Ms. Shanno



Mrs. Molinaro



Mrs. Coluccio – Calhoun Hall
Mrs. Demeter – Houston Hall
Mrs. Roberts – Clay Hall
Mr. Spring – Norris Hall
Mrs. VanAppledorn -Secretary

Ms. Angell - Student Assistance Counselor


Custodial Staff

Mr. Bouleris
Mr. Erno
Mr. Gauthier
Mr. Hogan
Mr. St. Louis


Food Service

Mrs. Tehan, Manager


Foreign Language

Mrs. Blau
Mrs. Brandt
Mrs. Lanni
Mrs. Majewski

Ms. Muldoon

Ms. Sheridan

Ms. Tucci
Mrs. Weiss



Mrs. Lori Lashmet

Ms. C.J. Theiss


Home & Careers

Ms. Henry
Mrs. Lowe

Ms. McCarthy


Ms. Stott

Ms. Weimer



Ms. Burke
Mr. Chouiniere
Mrs. Slater-Suzuki
Mr. Vasilakis
Mr. Williams


Permanent Subs

Ms. Young



Physical Education

Mr. Ripepi
Mr. Holmes
Mrs. Shortle
Ms. Stevens


Pupil Services

Mrs. McQuade, Assistant Director
Mrs. Potter, Clerical


REACH Program

Mrs. Maynard , Coordinator


Reading/Fund. ELA

Mrs. Germinerio
Mrs. Kittell

Mr. Birge


Special Education

Mr. Shumway
Mrs. Dornan-Hewitt – T.A.
Ms. Ring
Mr. Bell
Ms. Vece – T.A.
Ms. Carmack
Mrs. Taylor – T.A.
Mrs. Mesick – T.A.
LRA – Mrs. Dennis
LRA – Mrs. Englat

LRA - Mr. Mochi


Support Staff

Ms. Nelson, Computer Aide
Mrs. Fajen, School Psychologist
Mrs. Healey, Speech
Mrs. Sail, Nurse’s Office
Mrs. Klopott, E.S.L.
Mrs. Schneider, School Nurse



Mr. Christiansen
Mr. Mastaitis
Mr. Uline

Mr. Barner

Mr. Moglia


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