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H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Information


Resources for parents and the community

North Colonie Parent Letter - June 18, 2009


North Colonie Parent Letter - April 29, 2009


Carta a Norte Colonie padres


Albany County Department of Health - H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Information


New York Statewide School Health Services Center - H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Resources for Parents


Centers for Disease Control - H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Information

Centers for Disease Control - la influenza porcina

NYS Department of Health - H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Resources


Gov. Patterson Press Release - April 26, 2009

June 18, 2009 - Our school district has one confirmed case of H1N1. Click here to read letter sent to parents and guardians on June 18.


For more information, click on the links in the box to the right. For suggestions on how to explain the situation to children and teens, visit the New York Statewide Health Services Center's site.


It is important to note that ordinary seasonal flu, which has symptoms similar to H1N1 Influenza, is still active in New York State. Precautionary measures can be taken to help limit your risk of contracting both seasonal and swine flu.


Help limit the risk of spreading or contracting influenza


Precautionary measures can be taken to help limit your risk of spreading or contracting both seasonal and H1N1 Influenza:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water. Alcohol-based hand cleansers are also effective

  • Avoid people who are ill

  • Stay home from work or school if you are sick

  • Use a tissue when you cough, sneeze or spit, and dispose of the tissue in a covered trash bin

  • Keep hands away from your face. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth

  • Clean shared spaces more often (phone receivers, keyboards, steering wheels, office equipment)

  • Refrain from sharing personal items such as forks, spoons, toothbrushes and towels


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