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Contact Us


Ms. Kerry Flynn

349 Osborne Road
Loudonville, NY 12211
Phone: (518) 434-1960

Fax: (518) 434-0739

Jean Rinaldi, Building Assistant



Maryann Pelletier, Secretary
(518) 434-1960, Ext. 4103


Christine Ortiz, Keyboard Specialist, Ext. 4104

Deb Walsh, Receptionist, Ext. 4101

Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical listing of each faculty member with their four-digit extension.


Armstrong, Kelly
Psychologist, Ext. 4173


Bango, Susan

Grade 1, Ext. 4150

Brizzell, Kathy

Kitchen, Ext. 4109


Buono, Nancy

Grade 2, Ext. 4152


Carroll, Beth

Computer Aide, Ext. 4106

Carter, Betty

Grade 5, Ext. 4156

Chittenden, Donna

Grade 3, Ext. 4155


Coffey, Rebecca

Grade 1, Ext. 4154


Conway, Sarah

Counselor, Ext. 4107


Dopp, Deb

Nurse, Ext. 4110


Duffy, Laura

Art, Day 6, Ext. 4169


Edmunds, Jennifer

Grade 2, Ext. 4151

Feldman, Jeffrey

Grade 5, Ext. 4158


Fitzgerald, Stephanie

Speech Therapist, Ext. 4121


Gersztoff, Annesley

Library Media Specialist, Ext. 4108


Hodges, Lynn

Art, Day 2, Ext. 4170


Ostwald, Shannon

Reading Specialist, Ext. 4164


Kalas, Vedrana

ESL, Ext. 4171


Kalinkewicz, Sarah

Grade 6


Kimbler, Amy

Music, Ext. 4163


Kohn, Rebecca

Physical Education, Ext. 4111


Komaromi, Amy

Reading Specialist, Ext. 4114


Lyons, Erica

Occupational Therapist


Michela, Michael

Physical Education, Ext. 4111


Mattingly, Diana

Kindergarten, Ext. 4162

Mattison, Kirstin

Band, Ext. 4168


Parks, Amy

LEP, Ext. 3324

Powers, Alicia

Alternate Math, Ext. 4118

Fetcho, Sarah

Grade 6, Ext. 4160

Forgea, Tina

Grade 4, Ext. 4153

Springstead, Michael

Grade 6, Ext. 4161

Stewart, Kathaleen

Learning Resource Area, Ext. 4105


Towle-Hilt, Laura

Orchestra, Ext. 4166


Yerdon, Erin

Grade 3, Ext. 4159


Youmans, Jennifer

Art, Day 1


Winters-Bona, Abby



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