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Contact Us


Mr. Aaron Thiell

6 Mercer Ave.
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: (518) 785-3211

Fax: (518) 783-8875


Bonnie Larowe, Secretary
(518) 785-3211, Ext. 3803


Coreen Perna, Building Assistant, Ext. 3822


Annette Blaauboer, Keyboard Specialist, Ext. 3801


Jean Meddleton, Keyboard Specialist, Ext. 3804

Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical listing of each faculty member with their four-digit extension.


Ackerly, Carla

Grade 1, Ext. 3850


Bauer, Jennie

Grade 1, Ext. 3856


Bittner, Marcia

Orchestra, Ext. 3852


Blesi, William

Grade 6, Ext. 3885


Brignola, Angelina

Cafeteria Supervisor, Ext. 3809


Buckley, Joanne

Grade 3, Ext. 3863


Callahan, Cynthia

Grade 6, Ext. 3855


Carlascio, Lisa

Grade 3, Ext. 3882


Caschera, Emily

Physical Education, Ext. 3864


Cowieson, Kim

Grade 3, Ext. 3870


DiBiase, Janet

School Nurse, Ext. 3805


Egan, Christine

Kindergarten, Ext. 3891


Freitag, Cathy

Guidance Counselor, Ext. 3807


Futia, Michael

Grade 4, Ext. 3853


Harrower, Ronald

Remedial & Alternate Math, Ext. 3874 


Hecker, Jean

Reading Specialist, Ext. 3821


Herold, Meri

Library-Media Specialist, Ext. 3810


Ingersoll, Maria

Reading Specialist, Ext. 3858 


Labombarda, Karen

Grade 2, Ext. 3865


Johnson, Elizabeth

 School Psychologist, Ext. 3875


Leoniak, Cassandra 
Grade 5,
Ext. 3878


Lewis, Sheri

Grade 4, Ext. 3894


Lyons, Erika

Occupational Therapist , Ext. 3823


McNamara, Kevin

Grade 1, Ext. 3868


Mero, Cynthia

Computer Room Aide, Ext. 3811


Mattis, Mark

Grade 2, Ext. 3869


Piazza, Angela

Speech and Language Therapist, Ext. 3867


Prazych, Linda

Band, Ext. 3866


Puglisi, Megan

Physical Therapist, Ext. 3877


Rapsard, Lauren

Reading Specialist, Ext. 3861


Rossi, Paige

Grade 4, Ext. 3890


Sangare, Tracy

ESL, Ext. 3860 


Scaringe, Kimberly

Grade 5, Ext. 3854


Sexton, Jennifer

Grade 5, Ext. 3857


Sisto, Nicole

Grade 6, Ext. 3862


Stadnik, Angela

Grade 2, Ext. 3851


Testa, Meghan

Kindergarten, Ext. 3876


Steiner, Judith

School Psychologist, Ext. 3824


Vartigian, Danielle

Special Education, Ext. 3815


Verchereau, Lisa

Art/Band, Ext. 3872


Villa, Kathy

Physical Education, Ext. 3893


Wing, Camille

Music, Ext. 3880


Winters-Bona, Abby

Health, Ext. 3888


Youmans, Jennifer

Art, Ext. 3881


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