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Contact Us

Dr. Candace Lobdell

95 Forts Ferry Rd.
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: (518) 785-9203
Fax: (518) 783-8874


Coreen Perna, Building Assistant

Ext. 3915


Colleen Guzy, Secretary

Ext. 3903


Jan Mitola, Keyboard Specialist

Ext. 3901


Sharon Montagne, Keyboard Specialist

Ext. 3904


Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical listing of each faculty member with their four-digit extension.

Ashline, Wendy
Teaching Assistant, Ext. 3954

Bottino, Margaret

Music, Ext. 3985

Carney, Tara

Reading/LRA, Ext. 3984

Cartwright, Elizabeth

LRA, Ext. 3928


Clayton, Janet
Grade 2, Ext. 3997


Cotrupi, Amanda
Grade 5, Ext. 3963


Doak, Stephen
Grade 4, Ext. 3961

Duffy, Julie
Grade 2, Ext. 3970

Dufek, Barbara
Speech, Ext. 3971

Dopp, Jennifer
Grade 5, Ext. 3966


Floyd, David
Grade 1, Ext. 3952


Gannon , Lauren
Nurse, Ext. 3910


Gerace, Kristina
Grade 5, Ext. 3980

Guba, Jacklyn
Grade 1, Ext. 3959

Gonzalez, Mel
Grade 6, Ext. 3964

Haugan, Kathy
Grade 1, Ext. 3953


Hippchen, Christine
Grade 3, Ext. 3982

Hodges, Lynn
Art, Ext. 3975


Hunter, Lisa
ESL, Ext. 3989


Mahan, Gretchen
Kindergarten, Ext. 3957


Mannato, Gina

Computer Room Aide, Ext. 3972


Marsh, Chris
Physical Education, Ext. 3951

Mattison, Kirsten
Band, Ext. 3909

McMillen, Krista
Kindergarten, Ext. 3950

Morse, Deanna
Grade 3, Ext. 3956

Neri, Wendy
Physical Education, Ext. 3976

O'Connor, Pamela

Grade 4, Ext. 3987

O'Connor, Sheri
Grade 2, Ext. 3958


O’Donnell, Anna
Psychologist, Ext. 3906

Olsen, Sabina
Grade 6, Ext. 3967


Overlock, Alison
Grade 3, Ext. 3990


Parks, Amy
LEP/Math, Ext. 3925

Regan, Jill
Grade 6, Ext. 3965


Rosenstein, Rachel
Library, Media Specialist, Ext. 3908

Schaefer, Terry
Occupational Therapist

Shephard, Steve
Counselor, Ext. 3907


Schrom, Jessica

Alt./Remedial Math, Ext. 3992


Stackman, Bridget
LRA, Ext. 3960 


Sweeney, Joan
Reading, Ext. 3969 


Towle-Hilt, Laura
Orchestra, Ext. 3979


Westbrook, Catara
Grade 4, Ext. 3968

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