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Budget & Taxes

2016-17 Budget

Vote: Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Budget total: $105.3 million
Spending Increase: 2.60 percent
Tax Levy Increase: 2.41 percent
Tax Rate Increase: 0.67 percent


  • Staffing for special needs and English as a New Language students
  • Greater technology infusion, grades K-12 (Chromebooks, iPads and laptops)
  • The transfer of $3 million to the district’s capital fund to complete needed improvements in district school buildings.

BOE Election:

Two candidates re-elected
Mary Nardolillo
Ronald Von Dell

Budget notice

Budget newsletter

March 3   
March 7
March 10 
March 14 
March 17 
March 21     
April 6   
Preliminary Smart Schools Bond Act Plan

Interfund Transfers

Part of the 2016-17 budget includes $3,052,736 million in interfund transfers to the capital fund to enable the district to perform minor reconstruction of its existing facilities as described below. A positive budget vote constitutes voter approval of these capital projects. Click here for a full list.

Budget fact sheets

New York’s Tax Levy “Cap” Formula
The Three Tax Levy Limit Numbers 
GEA-Gap Elimination Adjustment
Contingent Budgets