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Contact Us


Mrs. Kim Greiner

38 Dunsbach Ferry Road
Cohoes, NY 12047
Phone: (518) 785-0222
Fax: (518) 785-8801

Mrs. Patricia Burns, Secretary
(518) 785-0222, Ext. 4303


Mrs. Kathleen Duncan , Keyboard Specialist, Ext. 4314


Mrs. Ann Sauer, Receptionist, Ext. 4301

Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical listing of each faculty member with their four-digit extension.


Bernarde, Angela

Physical Education, Ext. 4356


Caiano, Andrea

Computer, Ext. 4318


Carroll, Leslie

Grade 3, Ext. 4384


Comproski, Darlene

Grade 4, Ext. 4373


Compton, Erika

Math Specialist, Ext. 4360


Conroy, Jennifer

Grade 3, Ext. 4377


D’Aniello, Lisa

Remedial Math, Ext. 4364


Doolittle, Erica

Grade 1, Ext. 4375


Duffy, Laura

Art, Ext. 4386


Finney, Karen

LRA, Ext. 4320


Fitzpatrick, Tracy

Grade 5, Ext. 4357


Goldberg, Jill

Grade 5, Ext. 4374


Griffin, Priscilla

Kindergarten, Ext. 4393


Hanrahan, Peter

Grade 6, Ext. 4359


Hodges, Sharon

Nurse, Ext. 4310


Holmes, Lynne

Band, Ext. 4354

Kalas, Vedrana

ESL, Ext. 4355


Kim, Soo Yeon

Music, Ext. 4378


Kimbler, Amy

Band, 4372


Lane, Heather

Grade 1, Ext. 4363


LaRow, Kathryn

Kindergarten, Ext. 4362


Larson, Kara

Speech, Ext. 4315


LaVallee, Pamela

Grade 2, Ext. 4380


McNamara, John

Grade 5, Ext. 4370


Nunez, Tawnya

Grade 1, Ext. 4394


Penfold, Cynthia

Grade 6, Ext. 4358


Pugh, Anna

Grade 4, Ext. 4396


Puglisi, Megan

Physical Therapist, Ext. 4388


Rivera, Jennifer

Grade 2, Ext. 4365


Schaefer, Terri

Occupational Therapist, Ext. 4384


Shepard, Stacey

LEP, Ext. 4387


Smith, Laura

Grade 2, Ext. 4396

Sumner, Sharon

Grade 3, Ext. 4376


Tribou, Sara

Orchestra, Ext. 4352


Toomey, Shannon

Reading and LRA, Ext. 4315


Trimarchi, Carrie

School Psychologist, Ext. 4311


VanSleet, Sari

Counselor, Ext. 4306


VanWormer, Jennifer

Grade 4, Ext. 4367


Wallace, Lori

Library, Ext. 4308


Warren, Amy

Reading Teacher, Ext. 4304


Weykamp, Nancy

Reading Teacher, Ext. 4389


Williams, Sean

Physical Education, Ext. 4350


Winters-Bona, Abby

Health, Ext. 4366


Wynne, Diane

Grade 6, Ext. 4379




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