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Contact Us

Ms. Annette Trapini

100 Clinton Rd.
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: (518) 785-7451
Fax: (518) 785-3273

Lori Ciarmello, Secretary
(518) 785-7451, Ext. 4403


Ellen McCormack, Keyboard Specialist, Ext. 4404
Janet Marchessault, Keyboard Specialist, Ext. 4401


Rita Pickett , Building Assistant, Ext. 4420

Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical listing of each faculty member with their four-digit extension.


Aylor, Judy

Grade 5, Ext. 4451


Banks, Brian

Academic Skills, Ext. 4476


Beaudoin, Ron

Physical Education, Ext. 4452


Berger, Kathy

Grade 3, Ext. 4488


Bollentin, Kathryn

Learning Resource, Ext. 4477


Buehler, Nancy

Learning Resource Area, Ext. 4458


Carafello, Lea

Grade 3, Ext. 4454


Carlson, Patricia

Grade 2, Ext. 4490


Carpentieri, Jillian

Reading Teacher, Ext. 4457


Collins, Stella

Reading Specialist, Ext. 4479


Connors, Adriana

Grade 1, Ext. 4465


Coons, Lisa

ESL, Ext. 4487


Corcione, Sarah

Speech Therapist, Ext. 4456


Daigle, Reggie

Physical Education, Ext. 4417


DeSacia, Maryann

Grade 1, Ext. 4492


Dorset, Wendy

Grade 4, Ext. 4459


Freeman, Danielle

Grade 6 , Ext. 4482


Gimondo, Linda

Teacher Assistant, Ext. 4495


Girard, Aaron

Alternate/Remedial Math, Ext. 4485


Greco, Brook

Music, Ext. 4455


Gubitz, Bill

Grade 4, Ext. 4466


Hatfield, Alisha

Academic Skills, Ext. 4470


Hock, Karen

Grade 2, Ext. 4463


Kemp, Carol

Grade 4, Ext. 4471


Ladu, Erica

Grade 5, Ext. 4461


Leavens, Katherine

School Psychologist, Ext. 4406


Liburdi, Dennis

Custodial, Ext. 4473

Litz, Davia

Alternate/Remedial Math, Ext. 4486


Marshall, Judy

Physical Therapist, Ext. 4478


Medici, Kim

School Nurse, Ext. 4409


Moran, Jennifer

Speech Therapist, Ext. 4494


Moynahan, Abby 

Librarian, Ext. 4408


Normandin, Stephanie

Grade 3, Ext. 4481


Phelps, Barbara

Occupational Therapist, Ext. 4413


Powalyk, Jessica

Reading, Ext. 4474


Prazych, Linda

Band, Ext. 4472


Proctor, Kimberly
Grade 2, Ext. 4450


Quackenbush, Heidi

Child Associate, Ext. 4407


Satterlee, Eileen

School Counselor, Ext. 4405


Scism, Jennifer
Grade 6, Ext. 4464


Silver, Kelly

Grade 6, Ext. 4469


Shanahan, Mike

Grade 5, Ext. 4484


Shepard, Stacey

LEP, Ext. 4462


Taylor, Breanne

Kindergarten, Ext. 4483


Towle-Hilt, Laura

Orchestra, Ext. 4493


Trawinski, Maya

Art, Ext. 4489


Vandrei, Eva

Computer Aide, Ext. 4414


Vecchione, Trisha

Kindergarten, Ext. 4460


Willner-Giwerc, Gail

Learning Resource, Ext. 4475


Zandri, Gina

Grade 1, Ext. 4467


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