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Annexation Referendum

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Voters overwhelmingly approve
annexation referendum

October 11, 2007 -  On Oct. 11, voters in North Colonie and Maplewood overwhelmingly approved an official, binding referendum that will cause the annexation of the Maplewood-Colonie Common School District by the North Colonie Central School District. The vote count in North Colonie was 1232 yes votes to 248 no votes, and 214 yes votes to 29 no votes in Maplewood.

"I am very excited about the results of the annexation referendum, and I extend my thanks to the North Colonie and Maplewood residents who voted to support this effort,” said North Colonie Central School District Superintendent of Schools Randy Ehrenberg.

With the referendum's approval by a majority of residents in both communities, the two school districts will become one on July 1, 2008. The Maplewood School will remain open as an elementary school for at least the next 7-10 years, as assured by the North Colonie Board of Education. Maplewood students in grades K-6 will remain at Maplewood, while their seventh and eighth grade classmates will move on to Shaker Junior High School.

The annexation will provide significant financial incentives to the expanded district including:

• The receipt of $30 million in Operating Incentive Aid over the next 14 years.

• A major increase in state Building Aid from 48 percent to 68 percent, which will enable the district to address infrastructure needs in buildings with little cost to taxpayers.

• The ability to stabilize future tax rates, while adding and improving upon academic and staff development programs.

The final vote comes after several months of deliberations by a feasibility study committee representing both school districts, as well as the completion of a feasibility study report. The committee examined all aspects of the annexation including the significant financial incentives available to North Colonie and the challenges facing Maplewood. Ultimately, the group agreed to move forward with a straw vote, which was overwhelmingly supported by both communities in May 2007.


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